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Dental Bridges – Landrum, SC

Filling In the Empty Space

Having a gap between your teeth because of a missing tooth can be alarming. Depending on its location inside your mouth, you may feel more self-conscious about your appearance. This is why our team at Parkside Dental recommends dental bridges in Landrum. Designed to look completely natural while also providing optimal comfort, you can rest easy knowing that your new smile looks and feels beautiful each time you smile. Call us to schedule an appointment.

What is a Dental Bridge?

A dental bridge in Landrum

A dental bridge is a customized restoration that is created using two dental crowns and artificial teeth. The crows are placed over healthy abutment teeth that are already filed down. Attached to these crowns are pontics or artificial teeth. Filling in the gap of your smile, you can trust that your dental bridge will last up to 10 years or more with optimal maintenance. And the best part is that you can likely receive your new teeth in just two visits.

Types of Dental Bridges

An implant dental bridge in Landrum

Currently, there are two types of dental bridges available. During your appointment, you and our team will go over your available options and discuss which one is right for you.

Traditional Dental Bridge

Traditional dental bridges have been widely used for decades. Although they are highly effective, they do require altering healthy teeth to serve as anchors for dental crowns. The remaining teeth, the pontics, fill in the space to create a clean, cohesive, and beautiful smile.

Implant Bridge

Implant bridges are designed with the help of two titanium posts that mimic the natural root structure as well as a customized dental bridge. Instead of relying on healthy teeth to anchor the bridge, it is attached to two surgically placed implant posts that fuse with your jawbone.

What Are the Benefits of Getting a Dental Bridge?

Man smiling with dental bridge in Landrum

With dental bridges, you can feel confident that your new smile will look and feel its best in the years to come. Not only will you find that your mental, physical, and emotional health improve, but you’ll also learn other advantages that can come with dental bridges, such as:

  • Eating some of your favorite foods is once again a reality
  • You’ll be pleased with your appearance and its vibrance
  • You’ll enjoy greater confidence because of your complete smile
  • You’ll avoid touching your healthy teeth, allowing them to remain in place
  • Encouraging better oral health because of how pleased you are with your appearance
  • Depending on the type of bridge you receive, it is possible that yours can last a lifetime (implant denture)

Dental Bridges FAQs

A closeup of a dental bridge

So, you’re thinking of trying dental bridges in Landrum? That’s a smart move – such prosthetic teeth would do wonders for your smile! Still, you may have some lingering concerns about them. After all, you likely want to confirm if treatment is right for you. It’s fortunate, then, that Parkside Dental is here to help: listed below are some oft-asked questions about dental bridges. If you’d like, read them over to learn how our restorations work. Feel free to call us for details otherwise.

Do Dental Bridges Look Natural?

True, dental bridges are made up of artificial teeth. That said, you can trust that they look incredibly natural and lifelike.

You see, metal-free bridges use materials like ceramic and zirconia. These substances resemble tooth enamel, meaning the prosthetics color-match your other teeth. As such, a placed bridge will blend in quite well with the rest of your smile. Plus, it won’t fall out like a denture might!

Even in the case of metal bridges, there’s no need to worry. While made from gold or silver, these kinds are only used for teeth not visible in the smile.

Can Dental Bridges Be Whitened?

Unfortunately, a dental bridge can’t be whitened like natural teeth can. Its color will always remain the same.

The issue is that teeth and bridges have different makeups. The former have enamel surfaces, which allow bleaching gel to enter and remove stains. Meanwhile, restorations like bridges don’t include these openings.

Of course, this issue doesn’t mean you can’t find a workaround. You could ask your dentist for teeth whitening before bridge treatment. That way, the restoration would match up with the ideal shade of your chompers.

Can Dental Bridges Get Cavities?

Bridges can’t develop cavities – they use artificial materials. Even so, the natural teeth supporting them still can.

For one thing, food debris could get caught under a bridge’s pontics or crowns. It might then attract harmful bacteria that decay enamel or causes gum infection. Such an incident is even more likely if you practice poor oral hygiene.

There’s also a risk of cavities when a bridge nears its end. Should that happen, the cement holding it in place could crack. Bacteria may then enter these cracks and infect or decay the underlying teeth.

What Can You Not Eat with a Dental Bridge?

Dental bridges let you chew most foods easily. However, you should exercise caution around certain items if you want the appliance to last long.

For example, try to avoid sticky foods. Things like fruit gummies, caramel, and gooey candies could loosen your bridge. In fact, they might even pull it right off your teeth!

Similarly, limit the sugary foods and drinks you have. These products can decay the teeth supporting your bridge. You don’t need to avoid sweets entirely, thankfully, but be sure to consume them in moderation. Furthermore, drink water and brush your teeth after doing so. Such an approach will reduce the risk of cavities.

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