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Smile Gallery

We could talk about the quality of dental care Dr. Moneyhun and our team provide all day, but really, looking at pictures of his patients’ smiles will tell you everything you need to know about Parkside Dental! Below, you’ll find untouched photos of real patients with the gorgeous smiles they got right here in Landrum. As you’ll quickly notice, whether someone needed a lot of care or just a little, with us, a beautiful smile is always guaranteed!

Metal fillings before Tooth-colored fillings after
Two teeth with metal fillings Two teeth with natural-looking fillings
Missing tooth before Replaced tooth and flawless smile after
Open bite before Closed bite after orthodontic treatment
Closeup of decayed front teeth Closeup of repaired front teeth
Closeup of discolored and damaged front teeth Closeup of flawlessly repaired smile
Outside view of dental office