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Celebrate National Dental Hygiene Month with These Tips

September 15, 2021

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couple brushing their teeth together

October is approaching quickly, which means that National Dental Hygiene Month will be here before you know it! Although you should be practicing good oral hygiene year-round, October is the perfect time to be more aware of your dental care. So, in honor of this special time of the year, celebrate by incorporating the following oral hygiene tips into your everyday routine.  


What to Do If Your Permanent Tooth Comes Loose

June 17, 2020

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Woman with loose tooth visiting her Landrum emergency dentistIn childhood, having a wobbly tooth can be an exciting sign of growing up. However, having a loose permanent tooth when you’re older is nothing to celebrate. In fact, it can be an alarming experience that could result in a permanent gap in your smile! Read on as your Landrum emergency dentist explains what can cause your teeth to become loose and what you need to do to keep your pearly whites intact.


At Risk of COVID-19? 5 Common Questions About Staying Healthy

May 18, 2020

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At-risk patient with mask follows recommendations from Landrum dentistWhile COVID-19 can infect anyone, it can cause serious and even life-threatening complications for some people. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention have identified several factors that can put you at a higher risk of serious illness from COVID-19, including older age, underlying health conditions, and weakened immune system. If you or a loved one are considered at-risk, it’s vital that you take a few extra precautions to stay safe. Your Landrum dentist answers five common questions about staying healthy in your everyday life during the coronavirus pandemic.


So Sensitive: When You Should See an Emergency Dentist in Landrum

April 8, 2020

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Person Needing Help from Emergency Dentist in LandrumYou’re sitting at home having a cold glass of iced tea. You take the first sip and suddenly have a searing pain in your mouth. Does this sound familiar? Thousands of people deal with tooth sensitivity for a number of reasons, but is it really a big deal? During the COVID-19 pandemic, most dental offices are only seeing patients with immediate dental emergencies. Knowing the most common causes of tooth sensitivity and their treatment options will help you to know whether you can start to tackle your problem at home or if you require a visit to an emergency dentist in Landrum.



Why Is My Dental Crown Loose and What Should I Do About It?

February 7, 2020

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Woman concerned about her loose dental crowns in Campobello Imagine this: you’re eating your favorite snack when suddenly you distinctly feel your dental crown wobble in the back of your mouth. Or maybe you’ve noticed that food is getting stuck beneath it more often, or that your tooth has become sensitive to hot and cold. These are all tell-tale signs that your dental crown is loose, which means it could fall off or the tooth underneath could become infected if you don’t act soon. Read on as your dentist near Campobello explains why it’s coming loose and what you need to do about it.


5 Reasons Why You Might Need a Dental Crown

December 15, 2019

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dental crowns near Tryon

You have one tooth with a chip in it after an accident. It doesn’t hurt, but it does bother you in another way: you’re self-conscious about the way it stands out in your smile. How exactly can your dentist remedy this? One way is by placing a dental crown near Tryon. This tooth-shaped cap made of durable dental porcelain is slipped on over a tooth for many reasons. Continue reading to learn five reasons why your dentist might recommend that you get a crown.


8 Dental Health Tips That Dentists and Hygienists Swear by!

October 15, 2019

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attractive woman smiling brushing teethIt’s no secret that it’s much better to maintain your oral health than it is to live in a “fight or flight” mode by having to constantly respond to dental issues. The key is to know what is necessary to sustain your oral health and then to take the appropriate actions. To help in your quest for strong teeth and gums, a dentist in Tryon has compiled a list of the 8 most impactful habits for dental wellness. Read on to get the information you need, and prepare to take action today!


When is the Best Time to Visit the Dentist?

August 9, 2019

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Woman smiling in dental chairWhen is the last time you saw your dentist in Landrum? As research continues to show a relationship between oral and overall health, it’s more important than ever to visit your dentist. In fact, dental appointments now can prevent you from more expensive and extensive procedures in the future. But when is the best time to go to the dentist? Keep reading to learn the 3 most significant reasons for attending a dental appointment.


6 Bad Tooth Brushing Habits Your Dentist near Tryon Says You Need to Quit

June 28, 2019

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man holding toothbrush

Brushing your teeth is an easy enough habit to stick into our daily routine. But did you know that many of us don’t actually do it correctly? This means that we aren’t getting all the benefits that brushing has to offer. Let’s look at 6 bad brushing habits that your dentist near Tryon suggests you quit.


Your Dentist in Tryon Says Do This to Keep Your Ivories White!

May 15, 2019

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attractive woman smiling nice teethWhen you’re engaged in a conversation with a person, it’s inevitable that he or she will notice the appearance of your teeth at some point. That means any stains or discoloration will be as visible as a neon sign. To prevent feeling insecure in such situations, your dentist in Tryon explains what steps to take to maintain your smile aesthetics, and you’ll also learn what activities you should avoid. Your mission to achieve and maintain beautifully white teeth starts now!


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